Sneaker Proxy Problems

I am writing this article to explain any issues, concerns, and/or problems you may or may not have with proxies when using them for sneaker sites.

1. I've been in the proxy business for over 2 years now. Our proxies work. It's as simple as that. If you can put your proxy in your browser and it loads then our guarantee has been met. WE DO NOT GUARANTEE PROXIES TO WORK ON ANY SPECIFIC WEBSITE BESIDES BING.

2. When huge shoe releases come out, what do you suppose everyone else is trying to buy? That same shoe as you. These huge releases are going to experience a higher ban rate because a LOT more people from the same ISP my proxies are on will be using these proxies to try buying the same shoe as you. Where your profits are better concentrated are the smaller releases that not as many people desire. Here's a customer who recently bought 6 Flu Games with our proxies:

so, again, our proxies work. At $50+ profit per pair of shoe, that user bought 100 proxies (~$110), and made $300+ in a SINGLE release. Now he has 3 more weeks of releases to earn even more money since our proxy subscriptions are 1 month long.

3. You can't expect 100% profit margins. Reading #2 above shows you that it's all part of the game that proxies get banned and there's nothing you, or I, can do about it. Shrug it off and get ready for next week's release and make small money on each release to pay off the proxies. Maybe you weren't one of the few lucky users that got some of the recent Yeezy's... oh well, next week there's a release that you get to make another try at a different pair.

4. Sneaker bots use pure HTTP connections to try buying these shoes. That's an obvious flag for any website to see because the software doesn't load javascript. So, if a ton of users on my ISPs are using my proxies, that's flag #1, and if you use a bot that uses non-browser emulation, that's flag#2. Fairly easy to notice that behavior and do a ban.

What can be done

5. Don't put all your eggs in one basket. Go into each release expecting NOT to get any sneakers, so you're not disappointed when you do not get one. Prepare for next week and get the most use out of your 4 weeks of proxy usage.

6. Understand it's part of the game (again). If it were 100% profit margins and no proxies ever got banned, it would be illegal!

7. Don't buy our proxies if you cannot accept the fact that our proxies can, and sometimes are, banned on huge releases (or any release). It's your risk you have to take and I do everything in MY power to give you good, fast, proxies, but whether a third party website wants to ban my IPs or not is entirely out of my control. It is CLEARLY stated on our order page that we do not offer refunds for this fact... I've been in the business too long and know that too many people expect refunds because they didn't get a certain shoe. It's not my fault and I ask you not to buy my proxies if you have these impossible expectations.

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